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Stadtführer : Kinshasa

The most populous city in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kinshasa -also known as Congo Kinshasa- is also the country's capital city. Hundreds of colorful aspects such as rainforests, lakes, waterfalls, active volcanoes, and various ethnic groups form the magnificent picture of Kinshasa. Located 560 km inland from the Atlantic Ocean on the south bank of Congo River, Kinshasa is located right across from Brazzaville, the capital city of the Republic of Congo. The city, which was called Léopoldville while it was a colony of Belgium, has been known by its native name Kinshasa since 1967. Structures that date back to the Belgian colony era can be seen downtown.

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  • Tourist Attractions

    The period between April and November is quite rainy, at times making it almost impossible to travel. However, we must sadly point out that many feasts and festivals take place within this time frame.

    The fine arts academy of the city,  Académie des Beaux Arts, is an important location of art; where numerous famous African artists either teach or receive education. The art gallery within the academy can be visited in order to see examples of different African art forms together. Melodies of ndombolo, the famous  music genre of Congo, almost ring in one's ears while strolling through the streets during the day.

    Perhaps the thing that needs to be done with the utmost solemnity is to get a feeling of the geography and atmosphere of Kinshasa. You can feel the African magic in its entirety and come across lively representations of this colorful landscape without having to get far away from downtown.

    Visiting the national parks is, without a doubt, the best way to observe and experience the wildlife. Okapi Wildlife Reserve is worth a visit with untouched rainforests. The pygmies, one of the first indigenous ethnic groups of central Africa, and their unique villages should definitely be visited. For those who would like to camp out, we must point out that security measures are of utmost importance.

    The mausoleum of Laurent Kabila- one of the former presidents of the country-, Boboto Center, the Zoo, and the Kinsuka Region are among other places to visit.

  • Culture & Entertainment

    Chutes de Lukia ia another must-see natural area. In this region, which expands as a series of lakes, it is possible to do various things such as swimming, renting equipment, and dining. Breeding farms for bonobo monkeys where you can observe them up close, perhaps provides the most interesting experience.

    Gombe is one of the most prominent boulevards in the city, which is especially busy during the night. Many options are available along this street to listen to a type of music known as Congo jazz.

    Lac de Ma Vallé, located a bit outside Kinshasa, is a very majestic lake. This region, completely surrounded by rainforests, is the most popular touristic attraction. It is also very interesting in terms of opportunities for water sports.

    The Botanic Garden of Kisantu stands out with types of trees, more than 100 years old, from all around the world. The rivers within, on the other hand, are quite suitable for swimming.


  • Food & Drink

    Among local tastes, you can try Congolese dishes “fou fou” and “chikwange”. These dishes, prepared also in Central and Western African cuisines under similar names, are decorated with details unique to Kinshasa, here.

    The restaurant located in the lake area Lac de Ma Vallé and the dining options in Chutes de Lukia should definitely be noted down.


  • Shopping

    The fine arts academy of the city, Académie des Beaux Arts, provides the opportunity to purchase examples of African art. If you would like to obtain examples of local art for more reasonable prices, Le Marché des Valeurs is another good option. You can also buy fabrics, food, and other handcrafted items in this outdoor marketplace. The fact that you can bargain here is another important detail to point out. 

    Kinkole Fish Market and the shopping areas in the Kinsuka region and the train station also stand out as unique options.

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