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The very peak of Miles&Smiles Membership...



Elite Plus Card is the very peak of Miles&Smiles Program Membership and the members are rewarded with many privileges and advantages as a reward to their loyalty.
Your Elite Plus level membership will automatically be effective when the Status Miles you collect reach a predetermined level.

To Qualify:

Elite card holders need to reach 80.000 Status Miles within 12 consecutive months in order to qualify for Elite Plus Membership.
Elite Plus Card is valid for 2 years.



In order to re-qualify for Elite Plus membership, members need to collect 40.000 Status Miles either within the first year or 60.000 Status Miles within 2 years of the Elite Plus membership. Otherwise, the membership status will be renewed as "Elite"


What are the advantages of Elite Plus Card?

  • Elite Plus Card will offer you numerous privileges such as:
    • Besides your Turkish Airlines and other Star Alliance member airlines’ flights, you will earn miles from our Program Partner Hotels and Car Rental Companies.
    • If exists, you can also earn miles through your Miles&Miles credit card expenditures. All your earned miles will be collected under your Miles&Smiles account.
    • Our members can now purchase 1.000 bonus miles over the internet for 25 Euros, including VAT. In fact, you can purchase up to 10.000 miles in one year.
      Please log in buy bonus Miles.

      Bonus Miles Purchase Rules

      • Purchased bonus miles and fee for purchased bonus miles are non-refundable.
      • Miles cost 25 Euro(include tax) per 1.000 miles within the Bonus Miles purchasing prosedure.
      • Members can purchase up to maximum 10.000 bonus miles for their own accounts or for each other members accounts within each calender year.
      • Miles are available in increments of 1.000 miles.
      • Purchased bonus Miles are subject to the terms and conditions of the Miles&Smiles Program.
      • In order to take the advantage of using purchased bonus miles on our web page , at least one Turkish Airlines or Star Alliance member Airlines flight should be registered in to the members account.
      • Purchased bonus miles through web site post immediately to the member’s account.
      • Sms and e-mail message send to our member after posted bonus miles to the member account.
    • Once you have collected enough miles you can redeem them for award tickets, companion or upgrades either for yourself or for your beloved ones.
    • Self-Service Kiosks Your Membership Card can be used when you check in at the Self-Service Kiosks found in a number of airports within Turkey,helping to speed up the check-in process and get you through the airport quicker.
    • You can make  on-line check-in
    • Advantageous car rental rates As a Miles&Smiles member, you may take the advantage of the discounted fares at our partner car rental companies.

    • Your meal selection which is registered in your membership details according to your preferences and your dietary needs will be allocated to you every time you fly provided that your membership number is indicated during reservation. 

    • Priority on reservation waitlist: Elite Plus Card owners benefit from reservation priority over all Miles&Smiles members as well as non-members. To enjoy this priority simply ask our staff to enter your membership number and the type of card you own in the passenger record. (PNR)
    • Reservation Assurance: For our Elite Plus members, the seats are always reserved on our aircrafts! To benefit from reservation assurance that is offered only to our Elite Plus members, the reservation must be completed at least 72 hours before departure for Economy , Comfort and Business Class flights.

Booking Classes available for reservation assurance:

   Economy Comfort Business
Domestic Flights B, Y  - C
International Flights Y U C
Award Ticket ( Both international and domestic flights) X  - I
 * Reservation assurance for award tickets in X and I classes are available for only seat guaranteed award tickets.
 ** As of May 15,2012 reservation assurance in Business Class will be applied for reservations before 72 hours for Elite Plus member.
 Please remember:
  • Reservation assurance is applied only for the booking classes stated on the above chart. No reservation assurance will be given for other booking classes.
  • Reservation assurance can be applied only if the reservation is made no later than 72 hours before departure for Economy, Comfort and Business Class flights.
  • Reservation assurance is valid only for the Elite Plus member. Therefore, the Elite Plus member must be the only passenger recorded under the PNR.
  • Please make sure that your name and surname on the reservation record and on Miles&Smiles systems are the same in order to obtain from this opportunity.
  • If the reservation is made for more than one flight, the first request will be considered for reservation assurance.
  • Reservation assurance is valid only for Turkish Airlines scheduled flights.
  • Turkish Airlines reserves the right to change the booking classes valid for reservation assurance.
Access to CIP lounges both on domestic and international flights As an Elite Plus card holder, you can use the CIP lounges at the airports both on domestic and international flights of Turkish Airlines with one of your guests, no matter which class of service you travel in. Your guest must depart on a Star Alliance member airline, but may travel on a different flight.

Elite Plus card holders may benefit from the CIP lounges with their family members (spouse and children) or one of their guests while traveling on THY domestic flights and international flights departing from Turkey.

Also Elite Plus card holders will from now on able to accommodate their fellow travelers with the same amenities against 50 TL(tax included) or in exchange for 4.000 miles

Application Rules:

  • Plus the right above Elite and Elite Plus members guests who flies together with the members, will be able to benefit form CIP Lounges against 50 TL(tax included) or in xchange for 4.000 miles
  • Valid only on domestic flights and in CIP lounges in Turkey.
  • Not valid for AnadoluJet flights.
  • Valid on both award and paid tickets.
  • There is no restriction for number of passengers who will benefit from this application.
  • Companion can have a different surname.
  • Refund or change is not allowed.
  • Collect double miles on Turkish Airlines Business Class flights .
    Elite Plus members earn double Status Miles of the actual miles flown and triple Status Miles of the actual miles flown while traveling on Turkish Airlines.
  • Elite Plus KarteCheck-in at Business Class counters: Check-in counters reserved exclusively for you even you travel on Economy Class : Elite Plus members can complete their check-in formalities at the Business Class counters upon presenting their cards to the check-in agents for both domestic and international flights. 
  • Elite Plus Card holders can purchase up to 10.000 Status Miles enabling them to maintain their membership status. This transaction can be done at any Turkish Airlines Sales Offices every week between 09.00-17.00  against EUR 30 for every 1.000 Status Miles. The amount paid for the Status Miles cannot be refunded.      

Through our website you can now purchase 1.000 miles for 30 Euros including VAT without having to go in to a sales office. In fact you can purchase up to 10.000 miles.

Please Log in To Buy Status Miles

Terms & Conditions

  • Elite and Elite Plus card holders can purchase up to  10.000 status miles to maintain their card status within   the second year of the membership.
  • Elite and Elite Plus card holders must purchase status miles before the end of the  validity  period of their card status (within the second year of the membership) in order to benefit from this advantage.
  • Status miles cannot be purchased retroactivly once the card status has changed.
  • Purchased status miles do not count as total miles.
  • Purchased status miles and  fee for purchased status miles  are non-refundable.
  • Miles cost 30 Euro(include tax) per 1.000 miles within the satus miles purchasing prosedure.
  • Miles are available in increments of 1.000.
  • Status miles can be purchased up to 10.000 miles for maintaining Elite or Elite Plus membership level.
  • If more than 10.000 miles are required  to maintain member status, process can not be done. Also, process cannot be evaulated even if ticket was issued. Flight must be completed and registered to the member’s account for the mileage calculation
  • Purchased Status Miles are subject to the  terms and conditions of the Miles&Smiles Program.
  • Purchased status miles through web site post immediately to the member’s account.
  • In order to take the advantage of using purchased status miles on our web page , at least one Turkish Airlines or Star Alliance member Airlines flight should be registered in to the members account.
  • SMS and e-mail messages send to our member after posted status miles to the member account.

Please remember: You need to complete mileage purchasing transaction BEFORE your membership status is changed to Elite and the miles you purchase are only to maintain your membership status which means they will not be added to your total mileage.

  • Enjoy the privilege of extra baggage allowance of up to 20 kg above or one (1) additional piece of baggage over your baggage rights at no additional charge, both on domestic and international flights. 


    Last Minute Upgrade: You can have your flight class upgraded to Business Class at time of check-in by redeeming miles from your Miles&Smiles account as an Elite Plus member upon presenting your paid Economy Class ticket and your Elite Plus Card at the check-in.
    In order to receive this service, there must be an available seat in Business Class for the requested flight, and sufficient miles in your membership account . Last minute upgrade service during check-in can be applied for Elite Plus Member and one other passenger who travels together with Elite Plus card holder on the same flight route by redeeming miles from Elite Plus member’s account.

  • Dedicated phone line, You may have all of your questions answered by dialing the dedicated info line reserved for our Elite and Elite Plus members. Elite & Elite Plus Card Info Line service providers will be pleased to assist you at (+90) 212 4652302. For all of your reservations, calling +(90 212) 444 0 THY / 444 0 849 and then dialing 3 is sufficient.

  • 50% discount on Business Class paid ticket for the companion When an Elite or Elite Plus card holder buys Turkish Airlines Business Class paid ticket on both domestic and international flights , 50% discount will be applied for one companion provided that they are traveling together on both outbound and return segments.


Conditions of the regulation:

  • Valid only for full fare Business Class tickets ( promotional/limited business, any discounted business class tickets can not be applied)
  • Valid for round trip and open jaw travels for international flights and valid for one way, round trip and open jaw travels for domestic flights.
  • The member and the companion must travel together on the outgoing and return flights.
  • Not valid for the upgraded tickets. Valid for Business Class tickets issued on the highest fare.
  • Only 1 stopover is permitted either on outbound or return for international flights. Stopover is not permitted in domestic flights.
  • Member pays 100% , and the companion pays 50% of the Business Class fare published by IATA or the special fare applied.
  • Reservation class : The reservation class of the paid ticket
  • Reservation should be made in the same PNR and tickets should be issued at the same time for both passengers.
  • Agents can make the booking and issue the award tickets.
  • 50% discount on Business Class highest paid ticket for the companion is valid only for Turkish Airlines operated flights.
  • Award companion ticket cannot be applied for business class tickets which are issued with 50% discount. 
2 Complimentary Upgrade  on any Turkish Airlines flights:
As an Elite Plus card holder, your loyalty will be granted with 2 upgrades within each Elite Plus membership year without redeeming your miles from your account. You may use this privilege on any Turkish Airlines flights you wish, to upgrade your paid Turkish Airlines Economy Class or Comfort Class flight to Business Class. Please keep in mind that the upgrades cannot be used by other persons except the Elite Plus card holder. Upgraded flights will earn paid Economy Class miles.
The validity of the unused free upgrades will not be extended for the next membership year.

Complimentary Elite Card for your beloved one
Elite Plus members are able to nominate 3 individuals of their choice to Elite status against 40.000 bonus miles for each people.

“Complimentary Elite Card” application details :
  • Elite Plus members can give complimentary Elite Card for maximum 3 people  provided that 40.000 bonus miles are redeemed for each people from total miles in their accounts, Elite Plus member can use complimentary elite card privilige for maximum 3 people  (even Elite Plus Membership is renewed).
  • Mileage for complimentary Elite Card will be  redeemed from Elite Plus total miles and Elite Plus members’ status miles will not be changed.
  • In case of any request, redeemed miles will not be redeposited into members account.
  • Complimentary Elite Card mileage value is same for both child and adult.
  • Complimentary Elite Card transaction can be done also from miles&smiles web site ( www.milesandsmiles.com). At the end of the transaction, sms or e-mail message wıll be sent to the members.
  • Elite Plus members who used free complimentary Elite Card privilige before,  wıll have additional  two more conditional rights with this new application by redeeming miles.

Simply fax us to +902124652363 or e-mail us milesandsmiles@thy.comor send your signed reques tsend your signed request including the name, surname of the person whom you wish the Elite Card to be issued for, together with the copies of your ID and Elite Plus Card to: Türk Hava Yolları B kapısı - Contact Center Binası Müşteri İlişkileri Müdürlüğü 34149 Yeşilköy/İstanbul TURKEY If the person is already a member, a photocopy of the membership card must be included. If not, the Miles&Smiles application form must be included.
Please note, this opportunity can be used only for one person, once in a life time, by each Elite Plus member.

Family Membership           Miles&Smiles                                                                            

Family membership will allow you to collect and spend miles to/from one single account which enables you to achieve more program awards.

Family membership consists of your spouse and single children under the age of 25. As an Elite Plus card holder, you can pool their miles with those of yours in your own Elite Plus account under “family miles”. Please keep in mind that your family members’ miles collected on Turkish Airlies’ flights and also Star Alliance member Airline flights and all miles collected from our partners will be credited to your Elite Plus account. Each family member will have his/her own account. Any activities family members participate in will be credited as bonus miles in Elite Plus member account and family members flight activities will be credited to their own accounts as status miles for upgrading to a higher membership level.

In case you request a family membership as an Elite Plus Card holder, simply send your signed request together with the ID copies of your family members (inc. your marriage certificate) to the below address. Simply fax us to +902124652363 or e-mail us milesandsmiles@thy.com or send your signed request .If your family members already have their Miles&Smiles accounts, please note their membership numbers and include the photocopies of Miles&Smiles membership cards. If they are not, their Miles&Smiles application forms must be included. Family membership will be valid after the request of member is proceed.

Elite Plus members may transfer their family members miles which are not used before to their accounts as Bonus Miles.


Türk Hava Yolları B kapısı - Contact Center Binası Müşteri İlişkileri Müdürlüğü 34149 Yeşilköy/İstanbul


Important Note: Please keep in mind that your family members’ miles will be credited to your Elite Plus account (master account)as “Bonus Miles”.

Your family members will have the rights of their own membership card status. Ony the Elite Plus card holder will be responsible for the usage of the awards entitled. The children who reach the age of 25 will be released from the family membership and they will continue to collect miles to their own account. In this case, the family member’s miles already collected to the master account will not be transfered to the other account.

Please click on to see card advantages chart.

As an Elite Plus member, you may benefit from the below advantages when you travel on other Star Alliance carriers with your Elite Plus card which is equal to the Star Alliance Gold level.

  • Priority Reservations Waitlisting  - when there aren't any seats left on your preferred flight, gives you priority should a seat become available. (Not permitted for Star Alliance Award tickets.)
  • Priority Airport Standby - gives you top priority when standing-by a flight at the airport with a revenue ticket.
  • Priority Airport Check-in - allows you to check-in at the Business and/or First Class counter 
  • Priority Baggage Handling - like you, your bags get priority treatment and are among the first to be unloaded. 
  • Extra Baggage Allowance - an additional 20kg or one additional piece of  luggage (on transatlantic flights) which means you can check in three bags instead of two. 
  • Priority Boarding - enjoy the freedom of boarding at your convenience along with First and Business Class passengers.
  • Worldwide Airport Lounge Access - Star Alliance Gold card holders and one guest, have access to any lounge around the world that is identified with a Star Alliance Gold lounge sign when departing on a Star Alliance flight, no matter which class of service they travel in. Just look for the Star Alliance Gold sign outside the lounge and present the ticket for your same-day Star Alliance flight, your boarding pass and your frequent flyer programme card featuring the Star Alliance Gold logo. Guests must enter the lounges with an eligible Star Alliance Gold member and must depart on a Star Alliance member airline, but may travel on a different flight.
Elite and Elite Plus card holders are at liberty to make use of the contracted CIP lounges while traveling on other Star Alliance carriers with one of their guests who is traveling with the member on the same flight.