City Of Warm Waters: Aqaba

What To See

01-Tour the ancient settlement area, which dates back to prehistoric times.
02-Visit Aqaba castle.
03-Visit the ancient city of Petra.

Local Culture
Food preparation among the local Bedouin is a ritual of courtesy and hospitality.

You’ll find a wide array of gems and jewelry here.

What To Do
01-Take a diving course and explore some of the underwater world’s most spectacular coral reefs.
02-Join a tour for a closeup of the breathtaking landscape of Wadi Rum in the north.

Sea food and fısh as well as arab cuısıne

Taxis and minibuses are available.

Moderate winters and hot, dry summers in a desert climate.

Where In The World
Middle East

Tıme Zone
Gmt + 2
Turkish Airlines has Istanbul-Aqaba-Istanbul flights on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Official language Arabic