For the first time in Turkey! Apple Passbook application by Fly Turkish

Turkish Airlines is now one of the first airlines in Turkey offering mobile boarding passes via its mobile Passbook application by Apple.

Flying to the highest number of countries, Turkish Airlines -"The Best Airlines in Europe"- has become the first company in Turkey that supports the Passbook application. By its Passbook compatible mobile application Fly Turkish, Turkish Airlines has established its place as one of the first airlines which offers Passbook supported mobile boarding passes.

Thanks to the Passbook application offered by Apple for iOS 6.0 and higher versions of iPhone/iPod touch devices, users can transfer their boarding passes onto their own iPhone/iPod touch devices. Turkish Airlines has ensured that passengers can use their mobile boarding passes as a Pass, by rendering Fly Turkish Passbook compatible. With this feature, passengers using Fly Turkish will not have to visit the Check-in counter to get their printed boarding passes and they will be able to easily proceed for their flight thanks to their mobile boarding passes.

How does the pass feature of Turkish Airlines' mobile application Fly Turkish work?

1) Mobile Check-In and SMS Sending via Fly Turkish application

  • After you complete Mobile Check-In via Fly Turkish, the application will prompt you whether you want a mobile boarding pass or not.
  • After your mobile boarding pass request is approved by Fly Turkish application, you will receive an SMS with the link to your mobile boarding pass.

Representative screens for step 1:

2) Adding the mobile boarding pass to Apple Passbook via Fly Turkish application

  • After Mobile Check-In, users click the link sent via SMS and open their mobile boarding passes in Passbook format.
  • They add their Mobile Boarding Passes to the Passbook application by clicking the Add button in the upper right corner.

Representative screens for step 2:

3) Displaying Mobile Boarding Passes

  • Users can display their mobile boarding passes added to the Apple Passbook by running the Passbook application.
  • Users can add multiple Mobile Boarding Passes to the Passbook.

Which operating systems and devices support Apple Passbook application?

Apple Passbook application can only be used on iOS 6 and higher operating systems and on iPhone/iPod touch devices. For detailed information about Apple Passbook please click here.

Which airports can Mobile Boarding Passes be used at?

You can use your boarding passes created via Passbook at airports offering Mobile Boarding Pass services. To display the airports that offer Mobile Boarding Pass services please click here.