Our Customer Satisfaction Policy

Throughout its passenger transportation operations carried out in accordance with a customer orientated approach, Turkish Airlines Inc. pays great attention to its customers, with utmost care, by providing the networks by which the customers can readily forward their expectations, complaints, proposals and satisfaction, without looking for any expectations for economic gains, and implements compensation methods, when and if required, assesses any feedbacks submitted by the customers, creates solutions thereto, and commits its Customer Satisfaction Policy in order to ensure a continuous improvement for its processes by the information it obtained thereby.

Customer Orientation

We adopt a customer orientated approach throughout all of our operations in order to ensure the satisfaction at the highest level, of our customers, who are the reason of our being, and to gain their trust and loyalty.

Comprehension and Systematically Handling of the Customers' Complaints

We handle and manage the processes for comprehending, identifying, analyzing, directing the complaints of the customers' in relation to our operations, and for creating solutions thereto, and for providing the outcomes and the feedback to the customers in the most accurate manner, by assessing such complaints in accordance with the principles of transparency, accessibility, responsiveness, objectivity and confidentiality, and we utilize from such details and information in order to ensure our continuous improvement.

We provide sufficient details and information to our customers, employees and other stakeholders in respect of the manner of assessment of the feedbacks, and we treat them honestly.

We create various communication networks to meet the needs and the expectations of different customer groups, and we facilitate the communication with the customers by announcing such networks.

We keep our customers informed during the stages of the assessment of their feedbacks, and we prioritize the responses to be delivered to them in accordance with the urgency of their complaints. We ensure that our customers readily access to the information which they demand.

We assess the feedbacks, which we received from our customers, by dealing with them objectively and in line with the expectations of all the parties involved, and we also take into account the objectivity criteria during the resolution process.

We keep any personal details and information obtained by and through the feedbacks of our customers confidential, and we place utmost importance in relation thereto.

Ensuring the Involvement of the Customers to the Processes

We act together with our customers in order to design novel products and services, and to improve any available designs, in accordance with the expectations, the needs and the feedbacks of the customers, and thereby we ensure their active involvement to our processes.

Ensuring the Sharing of the Feedbacks of the Customers Within the Company

In order to ensure that our employees maximize their experience in relation to our customers, we share the activities in relation to the customers' feedbacks and to the customer relations in general, within the Company, and we ensure that our employees are equipped with the required competency, knowledge and capability.

Ensuring Continuous Improvement for Maintaining the Customer Satisfaction At the Highest Level

We continuously analyze, review, report the feedbacks forwarded by the customers and the perceptions thereof, and we utilize from such feedbacks as reference for the continuous improvement endeavors.