Since the introduction of Turkish Airlines’ new catering concept in 2007 by Turkish DO&CO, the overall level of passenger satisfaction has risen from 49% to 98%.


“Flying Chefs” win recognition.

The “Flying Chefs”, who have served on all long haul flights of Turkish Airlines since 2010, have won recognition from our passengers. These Flying Chefs enrich peerless flavors with strong visual presentation, thereby making a great contribution to customer satisfaction when flying Turkish Airlines.

A joint venture of DO&CO and Turkish Airlines, Turkish DO&CO has been serving the Turkish market since 2007. Turkish DO&CO currently provides service to around 60 airlines operating in and beyond Turkey. Having grown rapidly along with Turkish Airlines the company now controls around a 70% share of the in-flight catering market in Turkey.

Recognizing best quality and highest possible passenger satisfaction as its key priorities, the catering concepts and approaches which Turkish DO&CO employs for Turkish Airlines are informed by traditional notions of Turkish hospitality. Menus feature select choices from traditional Turkish cuisine, as well as tempting offerings from around the world.

Specially-trained cabin personnel on every flight abide by strict rules in serving passengers. Along with this fresh catering concept, the latest equipment has also entered use aboard Turkish Airlines aircraft.

All meals are hand-prepared daily by Turkish DO&CO using none but the best and freshest ingredients available, and in full compliance with the highest international standards of hygiene.

Another aspect of this new concept is Flying Chefs, a service that has been introduced on all of Turkish Airlines’ long-distance flights since 2010. Currently, 210 Flying Chefs work on the Turkish Airlines fleet, with the service having earned welcome passenger feedback. In October 2012, this service started to be offered during short distance international flights on the A321 aircraft type of the THY fleet.

To measure in-flight service quality and spot potential problems, surveys are regularly conducted to determine passenger satisfaction. According to the results of these surveys, since Turkish DO&CO started operating in 2007, passenger satisfaction has risen from 49% to 98%.

In a survey conducted in 2010 by Skytrax, the catering service provided by Turkish DO&CO aboard Turkish Airlines’ economy-class flights was ranked the best in the world. In a similar Skytrax survey conducted in 2011, Turkish DO & CO’s catering service on all business-, premium economy-, and economy-class Turkish Airlines flights was selected as the world’s second-best. And in an evaluation of the catering service, Turkish DO&CO was selected the world’s second-best in 2012.

Having undergone a complete renovation, the Turkish Airlines International CIP Lounge at Atatürk Airport reopened for service under the management of Turkish DO&CO on 20 July 2011 as Lounge Istanbul, since which time it has served more than one million passengers.

Turkish DO&CO bases its catering concept for Turkish Airlines on venerable notions of Turkish hospitality.

Decorated and furnished in a style that reflects Turkey’s rich cultural heritage, Lounge Istanbul is capable of fully meeting all the needs of passengers of every age. Occupying 3,000 m² of indoor space, the lounge features such amenities as a cinema, a pita house, a library, private relaxation rooms, an olive garden, a kids’ playroom, and much more. Turkish DO&CO employs a staff of 90 people to provide around-the-clock service to passengers at Lounge Istanbul.

DO&CO Restaurant

Turkish DO&CO launched restaurant services at the Milas-Bodrum International Terminal as of May 2012. “Henry” a fast growing DO&CO brand, made its debut in the Turkish market as a part of this concept. This restaurant operates a Take Away concept and includes menus prepared with fresh and organic ingredients The Bodrum Food Market, which offers a variety of concepts on a 1,000 m2 area, features both fast food and a wide selection of traditional Turkish cuisine prepared in front of guests, as well as Asian cuisine that has won popularity among our guests for its prompt service.

In 2012, 51 million meals were served for a total of 232 thousand flights, from nine points in Turkey. And in the 2012 summer schedule, the maximum number of meals served on one day was 139,000 on 400 aircraft.