During 2012 TGS provided ground handling services to 406,857 domestic and international flights. In 2013 it intends to increase market share and serve 493,900 flights.

Founded with an agreement signed on 12 March 2009, Turkish Ground Services (TGS) is a joint venture of Turkish Airlines and HAVAŞ (an airport ground handling services company), in which each controls a 50% stake.

TGS, becoming operational on 1 January 2010, currently conducts operations at six airports in Turkey: Istanbul Atatürk, Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen, Ankara Esenboğa, İzmir Adnan Menderes, Antalya and Adana.

During 2012 TGS provided ground handling services to 406,857 domestic and international flights. In 2013 it intends to increase market share and reach 493,900 flights with the launch of the Bodrum and Dalaman stations. Employing close to 7,000 personnel and with an equipment park of more than 4,165 units, TGS provides ground handling services and operations that meet exacting international quality standards.

TGS qualified for international ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certification in 2012. The company’s service quality and compliance with these standards were certified by independent audits conducted by TÜV Thüringen and MEYER at its headquarters, and at all six stations.

TGS obtained ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Quality Certification for its headquarters and six stations from TÜV Thüringen; OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Quality Certification from TÜV Thüringen (Germany), and ISO 10002 Customer Complaints Management System Quality Certification from AQA International, thus confirming its sensitivity in these fields. TGS also emphasizes social and environmental aspects of quality, having obtained Airports Friendly to the Disabled Certification for its SAW-ADB stations and Green Airport Certification for its AYT-ADA stations.


To be an industry leader and preferred ground handling company with its service quality, reliability and competition power.


TGS’s mission is to provide ground handling services with the following goals:

  • To expand TGS’s ground handling structure and acquire a global ground handling company identity.
  • To enable appointment and management of personnel employed at TGS by managers, who possess training standards in line with national and international regulations.
  • To becoming a leader in the provision of any kind of service related to ground handling industry,
  • To enable an approach of reliable, high quality and uninterrupted service that will develop the Ground Handling Service image and leverage marketing opportunities;
  • To transform TGS Ground Handling Company into an important organization in the national and international arena in the medium term.


TGS’s upper management is sensitive to national and international legislation and regulations, in addition to its scrupulous attention to commercial ethics. To enable customers and employees to meet in pursuit of common goals, and in light of the company’s duties and common values regarding the future and shared corporate culture, it announces its quality policy as follows:

  • To become a reputable, reliable and preferred organization in ground handling operations, both at the national and international level;
  • To give the best possible operational service within the scope of ground handling services responsibilities,
  • To follow the basic principle of customer satisfaction;
  • To observe the developments of employees, and to encourage them and increase their education level,
  • To take precautions safeguarding the life and property of passengers,
  • To serve internal and external customers with a personnel pool capable of comprehensively exploiting the latest technology, and who are highly spirited, motivated and well versed in interpersonal relations.