Turkish Airlines Annual Report 2010


Turkish Technic conducts its activities at four hangars located in İstanbul and Ankara.

Turkish Technic grows along with Turkish Airlines.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Turkish Airlines, Turkish Technic contributes towards efforts to make İstanbul an important technical center of attraction for the aviation industry by delivering service above international standards.




Million Dollars
Approximate value of HABOM project facilities


Instances of Superior Service
Turkish Technic provides aircraft maintenance and repairs at four hangars located in İstanbul and Ankara that have a total combined enclosed space of 73,500 m².

Turkish Technic


Excellence and Superior Quality in Technical Services

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Turkish Airlines, Turkish Technic was founded on 23 May 2006. Since then it has been developing itself continuously, by combining the 77 years of experience of its parent company with the dynamism of being a brand-new enterprise.

Turkish Technic carries out its maintenance and repair operations at four hangars: one at Ankara Esenboğa Airport and three at İstanbul Atatürk Airport. Two of the İstanbul facilities are for commercial aircraft and one is for VIP planes. The facilities together have a combined capacity to simultaneously service ten narrow-body and five wide-body aircraft. The VIP hangar can also service five light aircraft at the same time.

Turkish Technic Facilities
The services which Turkish Technic provides its customers consist primarily of line maintenance, station maintenance, and component maintenance. In 2010 Turkish Technic began component pool services to other customer fleets with the experience of servicing Turkish Airlines aircraft and it continues to expand the scope of its activities in this area.

Turkish Technic’s four hangars located in İstanbul and Ankara have a total combined enclosed space of 73,500 m² in which it provides maintenance and repairs services for airlines and for VIP jet operators. It is a leading aircraft maintenance center in the region. It also provides component maintenance and repair services through shops specializing in everything from engines and auxiliary power units to landing gear. While its most important customer is Turkish Airlines, Turkish Technic also serves more than 600 others from Europe, Asia, the Americas, and Africa.

In order to make more effective use of the experience and skills that it has acquired over the years as well as of the highly-qualified and well-trained people that it employs, to maximize the strategic benefits of its geographical location, and to take greater advantage of a rapidly growing domestic and international aviation market, Turkish Technic has decided to set up a new international aviation maintenance and repair center. Called HABOM (Havacılık Bakım Onarım ve Modifikasyon Merkezi / Aviation Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Center), this project is slated to become operational in the autumn of 2011, at which time it will have 370,000 m² of enclosed space capable of simultaneously servicing 11 narrow-body and 3 wide-body aircraft.

Turkish Technic provides line and station maintenance services for the following aircraft: Boeing 737 Classic and Next Generation (NG), Boeing 777, Airbus A320, Airbus A300, Airbus A310, Airbus A330, Airbus A340, Gulfstream G-IV, Gulfstream 550, Cessna 172, and Diamond DA 42.

In addition, Turkish Technic has the ability to conduct all of the maintenance on an aircraft by providing support for landing gear, avionics components, hydraulic/pneumatic components, brake systems, and tires and rims, and mechanical components.

Turkish Engine Center (TEC), a company in which Turkish Technic controls a stake, provides maintenance and repair services for CFM56 series and V2500 engines. During 2010 Turkish Technic expanded the scope of its landing gear component maintenance and repair activities. It enlarged the usable area of the landing gear workshop from 300 m² to 1,000 m² and also increased the number of spares necessary for maintenance. Working through new joint ventures, in 2011 Turkish Technic will be entering three more business lines: industrial gas turbines, engine propulsion systems and engine housing systems, and cabin interior equipment.

Through its experienced engineering team, Turkish Technic keeps a close watch on all developments in its sector in order to respond to increasing demand for its services. Projects coming on stream in 2010-2015 are intended to take the company beyond traditional MRO (maintenance-repair-overhaul) operations into the areas of manufacturing and of research and development. Some of these projects have already successfully gone into operation. In 2011 Turkish Technic will be inaugurating the operations of its biggest project: the Aviation Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul Center (HABOM). This center represents an important step towards Turkish Technic’s strategic goal of becoming one of the top five aircraft maintenance and repair companies by 2015.

2010 was a year during which Turkish Technic took its first steps towards realizing a number of major investment projects.

2010 Activity Highlights
2010 was a year of important investments and ventures for Turkish Technic. In March, work began on the HABOM (aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul) project to which the company has been giving great attention for several years. Costing about USD 450 million, the facility has been designed to incorporate the most advanced technology available and a modern complex will be structured as a campus that will have all of its own social and support functions. There will be two separate hangars dedicated to narrow-body and wide-body aircraft and a workshop building in which it will be possible to carry out maintenance on components. The simultaneous servicing capacities of the narrow-body and wide-body hangars will be 11 and 3 aircraft respectively. Construction work on the center is currently in progress at İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport with the narrow-body hangar slated to commence operations in the last quarter of 2011. All construction work at the center is to be completed by the last quarter of 2012 and HABOM will be the biggest aircraft maintenance&repair facility in region.

The Turkish Engine Center (TEC) is Turkish Technic’s first joint venture with Pratt & Whitney, one of the world’s three biggest manufacturers of aircraft engines. The center commenced maintenance operations in 2010 and is currently providing maintenance services for CFM56 and V2500 engines. Efforts will continue in 2011 to achieve the center’s full maintenance operations capacity of 250 engines. The center is currently focusing its attentions on developing V2500 repair services, which involves setting up an in-house manufacturing shop. The Turkish Engine Center received LEED Gold Standard certification in 2010.

2010 was a year in which Turkish Technic took the first steps towards realizing a number of investment projects. Under this heading, the company signed two joint venture agreements in July. One was with Goodrich Corporation, one of the world’s leading component manufacturers; the other was with Zorlu O&M, a power plant operations and maintenance service provider which is a subsidiary of one of Turkey’s biggest corporate groups, Zorlu Holding.

Goodrich Turkish Service Center, Turkish Technic’s other subsidiary, was officially established in December. The center is scheduled to commence operations during the first quarter of 2011 in a newly-constructed building with about 4,000 m² of indoor space located in the Gebze Industrial Park outside İstanbul. The first undertaking of its kind in this business line at the park, Goodrich Turkish Service Center will be providing maintenance, repair, and overhaul services on the thrust reverser and nacelle components which are used in the CFM56 series, V2500, CF6-80, Trent 700/800, GE90, and PW4000 engines.

The joint venture with Zorlu O&M will be combining the two firms’ abilities, technologies, and experience in a new business line by starting out with maintenance and repair operations on the LM series industrial gas turbines that are used in combined-cycle power plants. The new company, which will also be providing maintenance and repairs services for CF6-80 series gas turbines, is slated to commence operations before the end of 2011.

In December 2010, Turkish Technic signed a joint venture agreement with Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ) to set up a company that will design, manufacture, modify, market, and provide logistical support for aircraft cabin interior products and components. The new company will be undertaking the manufacture of a wide range of cabin interior products such as galleys, crew rests, magazine racks, literature pockets, dividers & wind screens, doghouses & bustles, stowage units, coatrooms, video control compartments, stairhouses and the like. In the conduct of its activities, the company will be focusing its attentions on selling the products that it makes to the international market. The joint venture company is to be set up and commence operations before the end of 2011.