Turkish Airlines Annual Report 2010


Growth in IT system information flows
With the commissioning of the company’s information technology investments undertaken in 2010, the information flow through its IT systems grew by 140% and reached 230 TB.

Turkish Airlines' technological infrastructure enables it to achieve integrated control over all of its systems while ensuring that they remain operational 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Advancing rapidly towards its goal of being a global airline in line with its expanding business volumes, Turkish Airlines continued to build up its technological infrastructure to make it even more secure and dynamic in keeping with its “corporate development” perspective.





Million Dollars
Approximate value of HABOM project facilities


Instances of Superior Service
Turkish Technic provides aircraft maintenance and repairs at four hangars located in İstanbul and Ankara that have a total combined enclosed space of 73,500 m².

Corporate Development and Information Technologies


Rapid Development and Transformation in Information Technologies

Services Provided
The Turkish Airlines Corporate Development and Information Technologies Department employs a team of 444 people who are qualified to work on different information technology platforms and who are skilled in coming up with creative technological solutions. This department is responsible principally for developing solutions and providing maintenance services for all reservation, ticketing, electronic commerce, customer relations and customer loyalty management, flight and ground handling operations, and enterprise resource planning and back office processes as well as for automating air cargo transport and technological maintenance processes. Ensuring the 24/7 operationality of all of the company’s technological infrastructure systems, the department manages applications and systems that permit millions of online transactions to be performed. The Corporate Development and Information Technologies Department also provides end-user and field support services for Turkish Airlines personnel employed at airports, sales offices, and campuses both in Turkey and abroad.

The Transformational Role of Technology as We Enter a New Decade
In 2010 Turkish Airlines strengthened its information technologies staff and reorganized it so as to meet the company’s business needs more directly and more effectively. Business analysis, application development, and infrastructure groups were organized as “solution groups” in parallel with business units’ own requirements and structures. The roles of business analysis and project management were augmented. Demand management, portfolio management, business process management, and business intelligence groups were formed to build the structure needed for the conduct of corporate development activities.

A five-year project roadmap was drawn up with the participation of the business units involved, existing project priorities were reviewed, and those projects that are to be undertaken in the years ahead were evaluated. As part of this effort, an application and infrastructure architecture capable of supports the company’s growth targets was designed and work was initiated as necessary to set investments in place on that architecture’s foundation.

In 2010 the Corporate Development and Information Technologies Department launched a project portfolio management application that makes it possible to manage projects and resources more effectively, to keep track of and regularly report on projects’ current standings, and to take action more quickly at points where intervention is necessary.

The department's newly installed FLYWIZE flight planning system reduces operational errors arising from human factors to the minimum. It is expected that this application will save the company USD 16 million.

Commercial Solutions

Operational Solutions

ERP & Back Office Solutions

Corporate Development Solutions

Under the heading of 2010 activities:

In the area of application development, the Corporate Development and Information Technologies Department not only develops software entirely on its own but also purchases and adapts other firms’ products in line with the company’s needs. Through the projects that it completed in 2010 the department contributed towards increasing the company’s productivity, improving its energy efficiency, and strengthening its alternative delivery channels.

Instant Ticketing...
The “Fly Turkish” application makes it possible for iPhone, iPad, and BlackBerry users to book tickets in less than a minute and to access all the services needed for a Turkish Airlines flight.