Turkish Airlines Annual Report 2010

Traffic Results / Domestic Flights

13.6 million

Domestic Passengers
In 2010 the number of Turkish Airlines' domestic passengers increased by 16.7% to over 13.6 million.

Turkish Airlines continues to grow rapidly on domestic routes.

Continuing to expand its domestic network, Turkish Airlines further increased its flight frequencies while achieving a 15.5% rise in the number of its domestic route landings.


In 2010 Turkish Airlines registered the highest rate of growth in domestic flights witnessed in the last four years. The company’s domestic ASK increased by 15.5% while there was also a 17.4% rise in its revenue passenger kilometer (RPK) performance. The year-on rise in domestic passengers was 16.7%.

About 2 million more passengers were carried on domestic routes in 2010 than was the case in the previous year. Continuing to further expand the reach of its domestic network in 2010, Turkish Airlines gave more passengers a chance to experience flying.

Turkish Airlines conducts its domestic route operations both under its own name and through its subsidiary, AnadoluJet, whose domestic route operations are based at Ankara Esenboğa Airport.