Turkish Airlines Annual Report 2010

Our Flight Network


During 2010 Turkish Airlines began flying to fifteen new destinations: 4 domestic and 11 international.

A Presence in 82 Countries

More Flights, More Service
The demands of global competition in today’s aviation industry make it necessary for Turkish Airlines to be more than just a passenger carrier in its home market and to position itself as an international passenger carrier with a globe-spanning network. The company has developed a strategic plan whose aim is to make İstanbul an international hub and center by bridging traffic moving between the countries in Central Asia, the Balkans, and the Middle East on the one hand and the Far East, Europe, and the Americas on the other. In line with this plan, improvements are constantly being made in Turkish Airlines’s flight schedules, with substantial progress having already been achieved in this direction.

Accra: New destination added as of 15 July 2010.

In 2010 flight frequencies were increased on routes that were deemed to be high-potential in terms of passenger demand while flights were initiated to new destinations with the aim of expanding the flight network. A total of 994 additions were made to the schedule (640 domestic and 354 international) on routes that had high passenger demand. A total of 66,382 passengers were carried on these flights.

Flights were inaugurated to fifteen new destinations (4 domestic and 11 international) on routes effective the dates indicated below.

As a result of changes in and new additions to the Turkish Airlines flight network, the total number of routes increased from 156 (37 domestic and 119 international) in 2009 to 174 (42 domestic and 132 international in 2010.

*The number of cities and the number of airports being flown to as of end-2010 was 171 and 174 respectively.

Alexandria: New destination added as of 19 June 2010.

Podgorica: New destination added as of 8 July 2010.

174 destinations

Turkish Airlines ranks among the world's top ten carriers in terms of the size of its flight network. In 2010 the company conducted regularly-scheduled flights to a total of 174 destinations, of which 42 were domestic and 132 were international.

The total number of routes increased from 156 (37 domestic and 119 international) in 2009 to 174 (42 domestic and 132 international) in 2010.

In addition to its regular schedule, Turkish Airlines also conducted 1,104 hajj and 2,215 umrah flights on which it carried a total of 390,859 passengers. This corresponds to a year-on-year rise of 22% in this business line. To take better advantage of spare capacities in the company’s timetable, 1,924 individual lease arrangements were made through which a total of 327,111 passengers were carried.

Successfully conducting its marketing and sales activities at home as well as in 82 countries internationally, Turkish Airlines continues to expand the scope of its intercontinental geographical reach. An analysis of international market figures concerning numbers of passengers carried on scheduled and non-scheduled flights shows that Europe accounted for the biggest (62.6%) share of the company’s total.


In 2010, international passengers had the highest share, 51%, in passenger breakdown by operation type.

Washington DC: New destination added as of 6 November 2010.