Turkish Airlines Annual Report 2010

Brand Investments / Culture, Art, and Social Responsibility

İstanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture
A cultural and artistic center of attraction and domain not just for Turkey but for the whole world, İstanbul played host to an extensive range of activities surrounding the city’s designation as the 2010 European Capital of Culture.

The İstanbul 2010 Capital of Culture Agency, which undertook many different projects such as drawing attention to the city’s unrivalled assets and protecting its cultural heritage, was the recipient of Turkish Airlines support as a financing sponsor. In line with this support, “2010 İstanbul Capital of Culture” decals were placed on all Turkish Airlines aircraft as a way of drawing attention to the year’s event and to Turkish Airlines’s involvement in it.

Turkish Airlines and Turkish Red Crescent join forces
Under a long-standing cooperation agreement with the Turkish Red Crescent Society, Turkish Airlines contributes towards the society’s natural disaster recovery, blood drive, educational, and publicity activities on an ongoing basis. As part of this support, Turkish Airlines undertakes to transport the assistance provided by the society in the event of natural disasters taking place anywhere in the world. There are some social responsibility projects that can be applied by cooperations of Turkish Airlines and Turkish Red Crescent.