Turkish Airlines Annual Report 2010

Brand Investments / Internal and External Communication

Turkish Airlines believes that sustainable success can only be achieved first and foremost through employees who are happy and who truly love their company and can take pride in representing it. The Company thinks that investments in brand can be meaningful only to the degree that importance is given to human resources. It pays heed to every member of the 15,000-strong Turkish Airlines family and it develops and implements projects aimed at increasing employees’ sense of belonging and motivation. Recognizing that satisfaction and a strong sense of identification throughout the company will result in unconditional customer satisfaction, it engages in an ongoing and meaningful effort to ensure the existence of a happy and tranquil working environment.

Empathy, an internal communication monthly that Turkish Airlines launched in January 2010, is published in the Turkish and English languages and is made available to Turkish Airlines personnel everywhere in the world.

AirTV is Turkish Airlines’ corporate broadcast medium through which current news about the company is disseminated at 120 locations.

Global PR Management
Representatives of agencies which provide Turkish Airlines with communication consultancy services in about twenty countries took part a “Global PR Workshop” that the company held in İstanbul in September 2010. During this workshop, the ways in which Turkish Airlines is perceived were assessed and the brand’s global public relations strategy was discussed.

“Globally Yours” Photograph Project
Under this worldwide project to acquaint personnel with the airline’s “Globally Yours” philosophy, studios located in different parts of the world were commissioned to take the photographs of some 14,000 Turkish Airlines employees. Employing the theme of “globe”, these entertaining photographs are to be used creatively in the conduct of in-house communication projects.

Employee Satisfaction Survey
A Turkish Airlines employee satisfaction survey was carried out, according to the results of which employees reported an average satisfaction rate of 4.23 points out of a possible 5.00. When a similar poll was conducted in 2007, the reported average was 4.07.