Turkish Airlines Annual Report 2011
In 2011...
Turkish Airlines' focus on the pursuit of growth that got under way in 2006 continued without letup in 2011, making it a successful year in which the airline also achieved significant breakthroughs in terms both of destination and aircraft numbers and of new partnerships and infrastructure investments.

Less than a decade ago in 2003, Turkish Airlines was flying a total of 10 million passengers on 65 aircraft to 103 destinations. Last year it carried 33 million passengers to 196 airports at 189 destinations aboard 179 planes.
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Best Airline
Supporting its steady growth with its total-quality attitude and unconditional customer satisfaction approach, Turkish Airlines was named "Best Airline in Europe" in 2011.
new aircraft
The addition of 31 new aircraft made 2011 the year during which Turkish Airlines' fleet grew the faster in the company's 78-year history.