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Turkish Airlines has the capacity to continue competing with the world’s leading airlines during the 2000s, and is maintaining its development as a modern company. Today one of the foremost criterion of a global airline company is undoubtedly the extent of its flight network. The decision to introduce another domestic flight destination, Mardin, on 12 January 2000 was taken in this context.

I am confident that our twice weekly return flights on Wednesdays and Saturdays between Ankara and Mardin will make a contribution to the local economy by providing a rapid, comfortable and safe transportation service. In the same context, a new international flight destination has been added to our network.

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On Wednesday, 19 January 2000, Turkish Airlines launched flights to Shanghai, our second destination in the Peoples Republic of China after Beijing, the country’s capital and cultural, economic and transport centre. Flights to Shanghai via Beijing will take place twice weekly, and enable our passengers to enjoy the matchless comfort and Turkish hospitality of THY’s long distance flights.

Istanbul-Shanghai flights take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and Shanghai-Istanbul flights on Thursdays and Sundays Shanghai has a population of 9.43 million, and as well as highly developed trade, banking and international transport sectors, has advanced mechanical engineering, shipping, chemical, electronics, textile and other industries.
Located on the coast of the eastern China Sea, Shanghai is also the country’s principal port.

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Turkish Airlines flights to Shanghai will without doubt forge new trade, economic and cultural bridges between the two countries. With the addition of these two most recent destinations to our flight network, Turkish Airlines now flies to 36 domestic and 73 international points, making a total of 109. For the moment that is!

Our objective is to perfect Turkish Airlines still further in the new century, for the enjoyment and safety of our passengers. I wish you all a pleasant flight



General Manager

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