The new international terminal at Atatürk Airport in Istanbul is now open. It is one of Europe’s leading terminals, not only in size but in state of the art technology.

Four times larger than the old international terminal building, it has an area of 186,000 square metres and a multistorey car park of 179,000 square metres, making it one of the three largest buildings in Turkey. The car park is the single largest in Turkey and Europe, with space for 7076 vehicles.

The new terminal was constructed on the build-operate-transfer model by the TAV consortium consisting of the Tepe Group, Akfen Group and Vien, and this consortium will operate the terminal until the year 2004.

The terminal will serve 14 million passengers per year, and its capacity will be increased over future years to 20 million.
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Built at a cost of 306 million dollars, the new terminal is one of just a few in the world to be controlled from a single computer centre. Seventy percent local materials were used in its construction by 356 engineers and 3050 building labourers working on a shift system. The terminal was completed in a record 22 months, 8 months before the agreed deadline.

Now for some figures which give an indication of the size and features of the new terminal building. So that passengers are not kept waiting, there are 160 check-in desks, 64 passport control desks, 34 x-ray machines, 8 baggage turntables with a capacity of 10,000 pieces of luggage, 45 lifts, 21 escalators, and 1361 metres of moving walkways. The terminal incorporates special construction systems designed to withstand earthquakes of up to 8.5, and security systems are based on cutting edge technology to deal quickly and efficiently with terrorist attacks and every other emergency situation.

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The terminal is environmentally friendly, with a waste water treatment system, refuse destruction centre and LPG fuelled heating system.

Atatürk Airport International Terminal consists of three main floors: Departures Floor, Arrivals Floor and Service Floor. It contains a full range of amenities creating a pleasant and modern atmosphere for passengers. While waiting for flights, passengers can make last minute purchases at shops decorated like those on Istiklal Caddesi in Beyoglu or the Grand Bazaar, or enjoy a meal at restaurants serving Turkish and international cuisine.

At the beginning of the new millennium, Istanbul welcomes its guests with a terminal befitting its historical and cultural legacy.

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