2000 / MARCH

Dear Passengers,

Turkish Airlines is continuing to expand its operatoins with your support. As the new millenium gets underway, we are proud to have opened up an even broader flight spectrum in the Far East and North America, by adding new destination points to our flight network and by concluding bilateral angreements.Now, on Wednesday 22 March 2000, we are launching flights to the picturesque port of Thessaloniki, our second flight point in Greece after the capital Athens. Flights between Istanbul and Thessaloniki will be operated twice a week on Wednesday and Saturdays.

This month we are also recommencing our Seoul flights, which had been suspended for a time due to the Asian cirisis, whose reverberations affected the entire world economy last year. Flights to the South Korean capital Seoul begin on Sunday March 2000.

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2000 / MARCH

Flights from Istanbul to Seoul will be non-stop every Thursday, and via Osaka every Sunday. Return flights from Seoul to Istanbul will be non-stop on Mondays and via Osaka on Fridays.

Our also include agreements with leading airlines around the world. The lastest in these is the agreement between Turkish Airlines and American Airlines by which joint flights will soon be avaliable and the timetables of the two airlines being adjusted for compalibility.
This cooporation will benefit the passengers of both airlines in the new millenium.

The broad scoped CodeShare agreement with American Airlines, one of the major United States’ air lines was signed on Friday 25 February 2000. This agreement will go into effect during the summer timeable, enabling passangers to fly via the Turkish Airlines flight destinations of New York,Chiacago,

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2000 / MARCH

Miami and by connecting American Airlines flights to Boston, Washington, Los Angeles, San Franciso, Atlanta, Dallas, Detroit, Philadelphia, San Diego, Seattle, and Orlando at the both competitive rates and reduced transit times on both outgoing and return journeys.

As you see, Turkish Airlines now offers improved services to both the Far East, and the Far West for the convenience of its passengers.

I wish you all an enjoyable flight.



General Manager

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