Dear Passengers,

We are welcoming a new year and a new millennium. Each new year brings new hope, and we at Turkish Airlines are entering the new year with new hopes, new expectations, and new aims. Chief among these is the privatisation of Turkish Airlines.
At the beginning of the year 2000 we explained that Turkish Airlines would continue to introduce new services for its passengers in the new millennium. When we look back at the past year, we see that this has been fulfilled with your support.

New flight points both in Turkey and across the globe from the Far East to America have been introduced as a result of bilateral agreements, so expanding our flight network over an even broader spectrum.

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In addition new aircraft have joined our fleet, and new investments have been made in the sphere of training to ensure that our personnel are of the highest quality.New services designed to provide more comfortable and relaxed flights for our passengers have been introduced: the APIS Agreement with the United States Customs Administration,

fast check-in for our International Business Class passengers departing from Istanbul, and the Miles and Miles scheme with its many advantages are just some examples.All these innovations and improvements have met with warm appreciation from the sector and our passengers.
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2001 / JANUARY

We are proud of the praise we have received from you and the awards we have won during the year 2000, which give us encouragement to set our standards even higher.
Turkish Airlines wishes you a happy new year




General Manager

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