2001 / JUNE

Dear Passengers,

The high quality service provided by Turkish Airlines over the years has always won your appreciation and been the principal reason for your preferring to travel with us. For our part, being able to produce a service that makes you happy is our principal source of satisfaction.

Being able to maintain this level of service quality depends on a strong financial structure, which means that our revenues must balance our costs.

Seventy percent of Turkish Airlines' expenses have to be paid in dollars,

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2001 / JUNE
and our costs are extremely high, with the result that we have been significantly affected by the economic difficulties experienced over recent years both worldwide and in Turkey. So as to sustain THY's financial strength and avoid compromising the quality of the services which we provide under these difficult circumstances, we have been obliged to raise the prices of domestic flight tickets.

However, with the object of enabling passengers in various income brackets to continue travelling by air, this month we have introduced a pricing diversity system similar to that obtaining for international ticket prices on domestic flights. Under the new system you will be able to purchase not only the usual 12-month tickets, but also tickets valid for one month and three months, and tickets with surprise discounts. All these alternatives make it possible to fly at cheaper rates. In addition a 25% reduction now applies to Business Class tickets.
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2001 / JUNE

I am confident that our passengers will understand that price increases were unavoidable for the reasons explained above. We regret this necessity, but hope that the diversification of the pricing system will make up for this by providing tickets to suit everyone.

Detailed information about the new system can be obtained from THY sales offices and travel agencies.

So long as you are happy so are we, and we wish you every happiness.

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