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index / Shadow-master Mehpare Aksoy Yigit
"I reflect a new dimension of life in my theatre."

Each year at the Istanbul International Puppet Festival, Mehpare Aksoy Yigit successfully represents Turkey. She is an artist who has attracted attention both in Turkey and abroad with her puppet shows at Zafer Tarik Tunaya Culture Center and has been invited to perform in France, Pakistan and Greece and elsewhere.

How did you get acquainted with shadow theatre?

In 1975, I graduated from the State Academy of Fine Arts. I used to do painting and sculpture in those days, but I never classical painting on canvas. Listening to my inner voice, I always sought changes and metamorphoses. I used almost every material in my painting on sculpture and installations. Theatrical applications attracted my attention and I wanted to do paintings like theatre scenery. I continued doing work of this kind for a long time.
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