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index / In October Ulus-Uluyayla
If we really want to find the steps of the deers, we have to go from Ulus to Uluyayla, to the mountains.

Anyone who sets out with the urge to discover, knows well that one encounters new aspects of nature when leaving the main road behind and taking to the side roads. The Bartin-Safranbolu road, where the branches of trees unite overhead to form yellow tunnels, offers such an opportunity. Firstly you should turn at the signpost for Ulus when you reach Abdipasa, 25 kilometres after leaving behind the greenish-brown waters of the Bartin river. After another 11 kilometres, when you reach the village of the Boz Ulus Turkmens, who migrated here centuries ago, you should search for footprints of deer in the garden of Hasandede mosque, which is full of leaves blown by the wind. If you are curious about the presence of deer’s footprints in a mosque garden, let us explain: this building, which is the oldest mosque of the village, was built by Hasan Dede, who was rumoured to have come from Horasan.

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