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index / Foothills, lake shore Iznik
At a distance of a few kilometres away from the south bank of Lake Iznik, there are several villages, arrayed in rows.

The villages have been watching the lake for centuries, their backs against the foothills of the mountains. The breathe in the scent of the lake between linden trees, poplars, chestnut trees and olive groves. They live in perfect harmony with nature on the foothills of Katirli Mountain. In contrast to the shore dwellers of nowadays, they put a certain distance between themselves and Lake Iznik. They have left the most fertile earth and the virgin shores of the lake to settlers of the present day. It seems as if they are concealing themselves under a green cover. They are very nearby, but it is as though they have been very distant for many years. In the villages of Karsak, Gemiç and Gürle streams murmur, springs gush out the earth, falcons and hawks fly in the sky and the traces of past centuries can be discerned in the streets.

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