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index / The charming city of St. Nicholas Myra
Myra is worth visiting with its legends, historical places and beaches.

On the streets of a city that rests its back against the Taurus Mountains, a delicious scent wafts in the breezes between the mountainside and the sea. It is said that sailors of passing ships, like bees attracted to flowers, were lured by this perfume blowing on the wind and would steer their ships toward the shore. These waters belong to the city of Myra and its harbour Andriake. Myra, named for the fragrant but bitter gum tree which is called sarisakiz in Turkish, derives from the word “murru” of the Akkadeans or the word “mirra” or “myrrh” of the Lycians, both of them ancient peoples who once settled in this Mediterranean coastal area. The name myrrh passed to Greek, then to Latin and to English.

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