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Mehmet Güleryüz: "My travel sketches are the most sincere of all my work".

Mehmet Güleryüz says that the drawings he makes in his sketchbooks when he is travelling are influenced by daily life. “Whether I am drawing the view of a city from a hotel balcony in Warsaw, or people on a village street in Anatolia, I am inevitably influenced by the atmosphere of the place where I happened to be and the emotions of people at that moment,” he says. Güleryüz is an artist whose life is pervaded by art. He prefers handmade and distinctive sketchbooks that he buys from the places he goes, and uses pencils and inks that he finds there. This is one of the main factors in his drawings reflecting the region where he happens to be. For example, in Italy he purchased a handmade sketchbook from Monte Pulciano and drew with ink obtained locally. In this way Mehmet Güleryüz create sketchbooks that belong entirely to the places he travels to.

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