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The open-air exhibition organized jointly by Istanbul Archeological Museums and Sakip Sabanci Museum bring together the scultures, reliefs and stelles of Helenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods.

The "Partnership of Power: Man and Horse" exhibition, organized jointly by the Ministry of Culture Monuments and Museums Directorate, Istanbul Archaeological Museums and Sabanci University’s Sakip Sabanci Museum, opened recently for one year at the Sakip Sabanci Museum in Emirgan, Istanbul. The works displayed in the garden of the historical Atli Kösk (Equestrian Mansion), illustrate the relationship of men and horses for thousands of years. They consist of 49 stone pieces from the Istanbul Archaeological Museum collections, categorised under four main headings: Archaic, Ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine periods. The stellae, freezes and sculptures, encompassing a period of 1100 years until the 5th century A.D., are presented as hunting, ceremonial, agricultural, sacred offerings, and mythological themes.
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