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index / The Race of Wooden Yachts
Multi-coloured sailboats set out to sea, while the mild autumn sun warms our bones...

Wait, sea, I am on my way. Send word to Bodrum, to the boats, that they should wait. The weather should be windy, to fill the sails. We will continue our adventure from where we left off. Follow me, if you are in love with the sea, the blue, sailing boats and Bodrum. I am going for unlimited pleasure and excitement. The 15th Bodrum International Wooden Sailboat Race, which takes place every year during the third week of October, will begin this year on 18th October with an introduction to the races, followed on the next five days by the races themselves. On the morning of 19th October, the wooden yachts will set sail from Bodrum Karada Marina and race to the first harbour, Turgutreis. The next day, the Gulf of Gökova will be sailed from beginning to end and the boats will anchor at Mersincik. After spending nights at Alakisla and Bitez, the winner will be determined by the time the yachts drop their anchors at Bodrum harbour on the evening of 23. October.

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