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index / City of Freedom and Tolerance, Amsterdam

First her blond curls emerged from the basket. Then her bleary blue eyes surveyed the scene with consternation. A bright smile spread over her face when she saw her mother at the handlebars, and they exchanged a long fond look in the crisp air. The little girl returned to her morning nap as her mother carefully adjusted her muffler.
The bridge across the canal closed. When the barrier was lifted again, the bicyclists hit the pedals like Formula One drivers. The road ahead must be long today. Baby to childcare, mother to work. Working mothers and babies clearly have it hard in Amsterdam. What’s more, contrary to the weather forecast, the morning started out overcast and drizzling. To tell the truth, I don’t listen to the weather report any more. Like the city itself, Amsterdam’s weather is full of surprises.
Unlike the working people of Amsterdam, the sun hasn’t been able to shake off its cloud blanket and start the day. I on the other hand have finished my coffee, intending to start my

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