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index / "All or nothing" Burhan Doganšay
Walls whisper and cry to him. Doors open for him. He enriches his works with materials taken from real life. One of Turkey’s leading contemporary artists, Burhan Dogançay’s works are exhibited in 56 museums throughout the world. Nevertheless, he has singlehandedly founded a museum on behalf of his father Adil Dogançay and himself in Istanbul, which he calls ‘the world’s most beautiful city’.

You received your first instruction from your father, painter Adil Dogançay. You also followed his advice and learned a profession.
But in the end you decided to live solely from painting in a city like New York. Most people would regard this as madness.
They even called it that on ABC television. "A mad Turk has come to New York and is trying to earn a living from painting!" Courage, that’s what it is. Since my father was an ordnance survey officer, we traversed Anatolia village by village. He taught me the ABCs of painting when I was a small

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