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index / Narman Canyon

It all began millions of year ago when red hot magma gushed from the depths of the earth and hardened on its crust. Battered by the wind, rock fragments broke off and were carried by rainwater down to lakes, where, over several million years, they were deposited in layers hundreds of meters thick. Since the world never stops evolving, the process continued until drought eventually dried up the lakes. The rocks that once filled the lake were again eroded and rainwater soon cut deep valleys in the loose soil. Then the wind entered the picture again and the red fairy chimneys started to show their heads. Some natural phenomena are special, their likes encountered in only a few places on earth. Their evolution, forms and stories are all different. We marvel at them, but we don’t understand the mystery of how they originated and evolved up to now, and the wind whispers a different story to us on every square inch of their surface.

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