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index / Around the world in a 60-year-old 'Ju'
Like the explorers that set out to discover new continents, the history of aviation too is marked by an initial period that demanded supreme courage. Pioneering aviators in the early 20th century, when aviation is acknowledged to have begun, flew at the risk of their lives. Conditions in the cockpit were almost unbearably difficult: the turbulent air waves that
lifted the pilot into the air together with five tons of metal, the jolt of the hand rudder whose pain was felt in the shoulders, the icy air blowing in around the edges. The pioneer aviators who coped with these difficult conditions in old-fashioned propeller planes were men and women inured to hardship--knowledgeable, educated and courageous. Declaring that "The future is in the skies,” Atatürk founded Turkish Airlines in 1933, ten years after the founding of the Republic. The first planes that were purchased were chosen from among the finest and most durable models available. Two Junkers F13s, one KingBird and an ATH9 were among the first aircraft used by Turkish Airlines for transporting passengers.
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