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Palaces, pavilions and hunting lodges majesty of the Ottoman era. Exhibiting vestiges of past splendor, these buildings still stand in all their glory, offering no end of beauty to those who take the time to visit them.
The Malta Pavilion is one of the most magnificent of all such buildings. A fascinating example of 19th century architecture, it is one of five pavilions in the garden of Yildiz Palace. Although the origin of the name Malta is not known for certain, it is believed to preserve a tradition of naming palace buildings for conquered territories.
You can reach the pavilion either by strolling amidst the trees and flowers of Yildiz Park or by winding up the road by car. In either case a new vista will greet you at every turn. As promised by the Bosphorus panorama visible from its garden, the two-storey pavilion, built by architect Sarkis Balyan and his brother, is going to reveal its true beauty when you step inside. The most salient feature of the Malta Pavilion is the three-part structure of each of its facades with a large center section flanked by two smaller.

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