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index / The Western Valley of Phrygia

There are fairy tales that begin, “Once upon a time in a happy land where people lived in peace and plenty.” Fertile lands of golden ears of grain and forests of emerald green, where fairies dance in luxuriant gardens deep in valleys riven by sparkling streams. Lands of goodness and justice, where the sky is always blue, a magical and slightly mysterious landscape that lures, astonishes and awes the visitor.
The Phrygian Valley is such a place, a fabled land of magic, peace and beauty. Plains, groves, flat-topped mountains, and the steep volcanic rocks that render this landscape extraordinary. The Phrygian Valley is a land of stunning natural formations where white fairy chimneys crop up sporadically amidst the lush vegetation. But what makes it truly special is that these rocks have been transformed into splendid monuments by human hands.
High or low, pointed or flat, almost every hill and jutting rock here has been worked by man.

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