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index / Traditional Turkish Sports

The most important aspect of traditional Turkish sports is that they have been widely depicted in colorful illustrations. Some of them, like jereed, polo and tomak, are team sports.
But there are also individual sports such as wrestling and matrak.
Some, like polo, are played on horseback while others, like jereed and archery, are not.

Horsemanship was the most important of the traditional Turkish sports. Expert horsemen were called 'cündî'. When his father Sultan Bayezid was defeated by Tamerlane at Ankara in 1402, Sultan Mehmed I developed this sport by recruiting horsemen from Merzifon and Amasya, where he had previously served as governor, and training them as teams. The team from Merzifon was known as the Cabbages, for which the area was famous, while the team from Amasya was called the Okras after that city's most famous vegetable. The idea of teams was preserved from

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