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Contents / The Uzbek trio

Samarqand, Tashkent, Bukhara, the main stops on the historic Silk Road, where you can experience a majestic culture that stretches from Central Asia to Anatolia.

“Hos Kelipsiz!” So the young ‘Republic of Uzbekistan’ welcomed us at the capital Tashkent’s modern airport with a greeting little different from our own “Hos Geldiniz”. Our excitement mounted as we murmured to ourselves the traditional response, “Hos bulduk”. Here we were in Uzbekistan, at the heart of Central Asia, dream of travelers for centuries, accessible only by a long and arduous journey. Measuring 447 thousand square kilometers and with a population of 25 million, Uzbekistan is the largest country in the region. The rugged adventure of the new and free Republic of Uzbekistan began in 1991 with the breakup of the Soviet Union when a nation that looked to the future with great hope was born, with an economy based on agriculture, cotton in particular, a rich history and culture, and a sound state structure.

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