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Contents / Ahmet Ertegün

One of the world’s largest music companies, Atlantic Records, owes its success to the passion for work of its founder Ahmet Ertegün.
“ There’s only one thing in life, and that’s to be in love with something, anything. If by some great chance you can do the thing you love as a job, you’ll be the happiest man on earth.” So says Ahmet Ertegün, founder of Atlantic Records, which is among the world’s largest music companies.
His father Mehmet Münir Ertegün was an ambassador, and because of this Ahmet grew up in Switzerland, Paris, Rome, London and Washington, but for the past 47 years he has made his home in America.
Since his childhood he has always known music in his home, and it would not be mistaken to say that he owes this inextinguishable love to his mother Hayrünisa Hanim, who had a lovely voice and could play all sorts of instruments. His life was spent in various metropolises of the world, always accompanied by music.

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