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Unmatched natural beauty, crystal clear air, horses... and you. Let yourself go. Fling care to the wind and gallop full tilt into nature on the back of a horse.

“ Does the horse know me?” As he asks the question, little Umut clutches the reins tightly in his tiny hands and tries to stroke the horse’s mane. He’s only five. “Are you done sleeping?” was the first thing he asked when we met early this morning at the riding school. Receiving a reply in the affirmative, he went on. “Afacan is too. Shall we go feed him?” So off we went to the stable to feed Afacan. Then we too breakfasted on the village specialties--honey, clotted cream, fresh milk. As soon as we met the horses, little Umut’s first job was to mount Afacan with the help of his riding instructor, Bülent. And no sooner had he mounted than he asked, “Does the horse know me?” “Afacan knows all the children,” we replied. But Umut, a typical five-year-old, plied us with a steady stream of questions during the course of his instruction at the Atli Turizm Merkezi.

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