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Contents / Çanakkale Ceramics

The true worth of Çanakkale ceramics, a product of the cooperation between man and nature, is only now becoming apparent to the world art community.

Ceramics are a culture that spread from Anatolia throughout the whole world. And within this culture, which dates back to the 5th millennium B.C., Çanakkale ceramics have a very special place which is only now beginning to be fully appreciated. Çanakkale ceramics, which have begun to fetch high prices in auctions both at home and abroad, attracted little attention until recently. Their value unrecognized, these unique works of art were unfortunately glossed over with descriptions of ‘late period’, ‘poor quality’, and ‘peasant work’ in art historical publications, and sometimes were even omitted entirely.

With their unusual shapes and patterns, late period Çanakkale ceramics are reminiscent of today’s Pop Art.

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