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Contents / The Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival

The 41st Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, where Turkey’s ‘Oscars’ have been awarded every year since 1964, is being held this year from 3-10 October.

I was seven or eight years old. We had gone to visit a relative who lived in Antalya. One evening my father took me by the hand and took me down to Konyaalti Avenue. Never before had I seen so many people in one place; I was astonished. Everyone was looking in the same direction, as if they were expecting somebody. People were applauding as if their hands would break. The excitement was at a peak. Given the level of interest, could the person out there in front be the President? Or the Prime Minister? The crowd in back of us was bent on crushing us to get a little closer. But I was not about to leave without finding out who these people were that were coming. Just then the mystery figures got out of their cars one by one. A very beautifully dressed woman... Dark. Her eyes so beautiful you could tell even from a distance. Black, like olives...

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