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Contents / The cuisine of Tokat

Host to countless civilizations over the ages, every corner of Anatolia contains some cultural treasure. And thanks to archaeological excavations, we are now learning about the centuries-old past of this land. What all has emerged already from the depths of mother earth. Recall, for example, what you’ve seen in museum showcases: statues, coins, mosaics, pottery, ceramics, decorative items of every kind. In the light of these findings, we are learning about the way of life, culture, economies and societies of past civilizations. And what about their cuisines? What did people eat and drink thousands of years ago? How did they prepare their food? Is there any connection between their food and drink and ours today? Archaeologists are now finding definite answers to these questions thanks to the rapidly developing science of paleobotany. And their research is documenting the existence of an extremely rich cuisine in Anatolia even in the most ancient times. According to humanities professor Phyllis Pray Bober, the millstones and bread ovens brought to light in Anatolia point to the existence of an extensive culinary culture.

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