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Carnaval of Venice

It is a cold morning in February. The sun isn’t up yet, and a pervasive thick fog envelopes Venice in a cloak of sorrow. On Saint Mark’s Square the old street lamps with their pink bulbs vanish one by one in the mist. If I couldn’t hear the lapping of the waves, I would never know I was this close to the sea. But their sound draws me on. I want to go there and see the gondolas. As I approach, I see the gondolas, trademark of Venice, bobbing up and down, moored to the quay. What a moving sight they make here in the fog... The light is still grey, but the pink street lamps lend a poetic air to the gondolas.
The weather here is very cold, and I must hurry inside Saint Mark’s Square before I catch something. Walking briskly, I seem to see masked figures passing like spectres in the fog. Are the carnival revellers out this early in their costumes? It seems they are! And how exciting everything is at this special hour, because you are on your own. As if these matchless tableaux had been designed for you alone.

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