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index / Harmony of contrasts Atil Kutoglu

The starkly rational architecture of Adolf Loos, the enigmatic golden glitter of Gustav Klimt’s women, the expressionistic approach of Egon Schiele... Atıl Kutoğlu adds Ottoman splendour to the Vienna Modernism whose air he has breathed for years, combining ‘yesterday’ and ‘today’ and technology with poetry in his designs.
In the fiercely competitive world of fashion, Atıl Kutoğlu always manages to set the agenda with his designs and collections. And perhaps his secret lies in the way he combines things. As, for example, in his recent 2004 Spring-Summer collection shown during New York Fashion Week, where 80s fashions were transformed into a futuristic line, and eye-catching fabrics into comfortable clothes: blouse-ons, pants and overalls of creamy soft leather in colors like anthracite, gold, and metallic green; baggy shalvar, short sequined jackets, knee-length harem pants, caftans, all Ottoman-inspired but purely western creations. For the last three years, Kutoğlu has been showing his collections to the international media at fashion shows organized by New York Fashion Week and marketing his collections to many countries, again through showrooms in New York. As a result

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