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index / Snow white Ilgaz

The meaning of the word ‘snow’ depends on where you are when it’s falling! If you’re a traveller, you worry that the roads will be closed. If you’re in a mountain town or village, you’re a captive of the fierce white cold and its swords of ice. But if you’re a city dweller eagerly awaiting a long holiday break, you may already have your ski gear ready at the door. And if you decide on Ilgaz as your destination, you’re going to rendezvous with a princess sporting a crystal tiara! Having long since begun its reign in the Ilgaz Mountains, winter is waiting to host you, the shining star of snow tourism.
Mount Ilgaz is cut in half like a cake by the border between two provinces. The town of Ilgaz and the south side of the mountain are in Çankırı, while the area with the ski resorts lies in Kastamonu. A steep road, 8-km long, winds from the town up the mountain. Even when snow clearing teams work round the clock, it’s not easy to keep the ground free of ice in this season. You have a chance to buy chains from the ‘chain merchants’ at the roadside, but don’t set out without chains because you can’t always count on finding them.

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