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index / From East to West Antalya

You’ve seen them in magazines, the little trains that pass an arena where gladiators are waging life-or-death struggles with lions and then pull into a Wild West cowboy town. I’m talking about the trains that take people around the big film production studios. You know, the trains that allow us to greet a spaceship captain just two minutes after waving good-bye to the town sheriff. Now we are going to embark on an all-too-brief excursion not on one of those mini-trains but on a tram, and not around a film studio but in Antalya. With one difference, of course. The scenes we’ll pass this time won’t be film sets but real-life places. An excursion of only five km and 20 minutes from history’s earliest periods right up to the present-time. Won’t that be nice? Let us begin...

Our point of departure is the quarter of Zerdalilik in east Antalya. The bell sounds and “We’re off!” as our tram begins its journey.

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