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index / The Medici and the Ottomans
Sabancı University’s Sakıp Sabancı Museum used to be a family mansion set in a typically Italianate landscape of tall stone pines overlooking the Bosphorus. Today the museum’s new director, Dr Nazan Ölçer, has introduced a number of changes, giving the state-of-the-art annex greater autonomy as the museum’s main gallery, where she plans to hold three major exhibitions a year.
Dr Ölçer has made an auspicious start with the exhibition, Ottoman Splendour in Florentine Collections. Works of art collected by the Medici family, who for nearly four centuries were influential figures in Italy's economic, political and cultural life, are being exhibited in Turkey for the first time.

From the terrace, now enter the annex directly through its glass doors; go down the staircase and through a hallway with information panels on either side; walk around the blaze of colour of a 17th century Ottoman standard – and you will find the stern visages of Bayezid I, Mehmed II, Süleyman the Magnificent, and Murad IV staring at you from

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