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index / The Dome
The wind may occasionally impel us to glance up at the sky, where sun, moon and stars float, where wind-tossed clouds transform sky into text. A rotating vacuum that presses us to its bosom and shelters us, encircling every point on our bodies. A transparent, porous space in which everything is at once sky. The sky, which encompasses all that rotates, is circular...The circle we see is “The time before me, the time after me, and the time that belongs to my being.” A space not of time flowing from past to future but of time being scattered directly to all time in a continuous flux. In one of its aspects it corresponds to rotation, in another to the static with its centralized structure, and its closed and introverted nature.

The dome is the most important expression of circularity in building. A massive vacuum enclosing the ‘aura’, in which length, height, width, depth and, most importantly, time extend in every direction.
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