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index / A Turquoise Oasis Hadim Yerkoprusu
Located in Konya province, Hadim Yerkoprusu is an oasis, an open-air museum consisting of moss-covered travertine, limestone pools, waterfalls and caves. But no magic wand created this natural wonder. Instead its architects are the mighty Goksu River and the smaller Karasu and the avalanches of the Taurus Mountains.
Let us take a brief look at the thousand-year-old story of this monument to nature.
First, avalanches of rocks crashing down the slopes of the Goksu valley near the township of Hadim in Konya province form a natural dam on the river. This rushing stream, which arises in the Central Taurus and empties into the Mediterranean, gets round the barrier by going underground while the Karasu, a smaller stream, follows the same course on the earth’s surface. With time the limestone dissolved in the crevices of the rocks brought down in avalanches forms a cover over it and a thick travertine crust forms. And then the two merge... Thundering down from a height of 20 meters, the Karasu joins the Goksu at the place where the bridge ends.
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