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Spring, the bright season of renewal, has arrived, and with it short breaks from the intense working pace will become more frequent. At the same time our chance of taking longer journeys to discover different parts of Turkey and the world is also increasing. At Turkish Airlines the summer timetable is now in place, continuing until 30 October. You may be reassured that Turkish Airlines will always be at your side to ensure that your journeys go smoothly, and you enjoy your spring holidays to the full. Dear passengers, it is crucial that, as we explained last month, you arrive at the airport in good time, so as to avoid delays. Since security controls in Turkey , as in the rest of the world, are now far stricter, it is particularly important that you arrive even earlier at the airport so as not to miss your flight. Turkish Airlines has become the first in the world to lift restrictions on the use of bonus miles earned by members of its Miles&Miles and Shop&Miles schemes.

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