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Contents / Cue ball wizard Semih Sayginer

World number one billiard player, Semih Sayginer, has swept the board of cups thanks to his unique technique and style. He is the best in the world at his job. A champion who was proclaimed the world's best billiard player by the World Billiard Federation in 2003. There is no cup he has not won, and by huge margins over his competitors. But the more cups the merrier in his opinion. Forty of his shots have gone down in billiard literature. He competes in the European league in Portugal 's Porto Club, although he plays for Turkey . He practices eight hours a day, and exercises four days a week. Although he only has a junior school education, he speaks seven languages. He explains this is because he enjoys talking to people in their own language. He thinks that people should not just consider their own feelings but take care not to hurt those of others. His life is a success story that is an inspiration to other young people. He believes that if people enjoy doing something and set their mind to it, they can achieve anything. By not giving up, knowing how to use their abilities, and trusting in themselves, they can reach the top. Semih Sayginer has proved how true this is.

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