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Contents / Kites

Like a telegraph wire, the kite string 'hums'. Happiness goes up and down over this wire. When a kite string breaks, children cry. In China it spells disaster. Rivers overflow their banks, fields are flooded. If a kite falls from the sky, China will be without rice. For the Chinese believe in kites, regarding them as we regard the dregs at the bottom of the coffee cup, using them to interpret the past and foretell the future. For the kites of the East are endowed with spirits, spirits that rendezvous with other spirits in the broad expanse of the sky, where they rise to the spirit realm as representatives of the Chinese.

Kites come from Asia . This hallowed toy that hails from China was spread all over the world by priests and merchants. Together with their religious beliefs, Buddhist monks took kites with them everywhere they went, frightening away 'evil spirits' with the kites they released into the skies over Japan . And sure enough, there was a bumper harvest that year!

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