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Contents / Growing up to applause Mertol Demirelli

He's only eight years old, but his accomplishments already surpass his diminutive size. This young pianist, who performed at Carnegie Hall at the age of six, is a musical genius. If, like me, you have a small child, I'm sure you have wondered about his level of intelligence. Every move he makes, every word he utters, fills you with excitement, bringing to mind that familiar question:

I wonder if my child has exceptional intelligence? I don't know if it's because of that curiosity, but I search in the appearance of the adorable child stretched out opposite me on the sofa, playing with a ball and giving short answers to my questions, for a clue that will give him away, distinguish him from the others. But, with his winning smile, bright eyes and mischievous manner, Mertol Demirelli is like any other kid. You have to know him to discover his genius. When I tell you Mertol's story, I'm sure you are going to say: No doubt about it, he's a Wunderkind!

Born in 1996, Mertol Demirelli is eight years old.
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